Welcome to our Web links page. I have listed many sites that will give you all sorts of information from assessed value to proposed transportation plans. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Lee County: http://www.lee-county.com


Lee County Property Appraisers Office: http://www.leepa.org


Lee County Tax Collector: http://www.leetc.com/home.asp


Lee County Maps: http://www.lee-county.com/maps.htm


Lee County Department of Transportation: http://www.lee-county.com/publicworks/DOTitle.htm


Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization: http://www.mpo-swfl.org


Lee County Department of Community Development: http://www.lee-county.com/dcd


Lee County Zoning Search: http://www.lee-county.com/econnect/


Southwest Florida International Airport: http://www.flylcpa.com/



Please let us know if any of the links have become invalid.



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